Unveiling the Secrets of Fafi Dream Wheel: Try a New Favorite at HomePlay Casino


Fafi is a gambling game of numbers that originated in the poorest parts of South African townships at the start of the 20th century. Once an illegal activity run by informal street vendors, today, it has transformed into a much-loved form of online casino entertainment and is considered by many a fun way to spend one’s leisure time. 

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What is Fafi?

It is a game where the person’s dreams and various objects or events of their daily life play the most crucial role. More specifically, to pick their lucky numbers for the game, Fafi players are required to interpret their dreams and convert them into numbers they can bet on. These numbers can be anything between 1 and 36.

In the Fafi game, each number is associated with a particular meaning, and players choose their numbers based on the things they see or experience in their dreams. The interpretation of Fafi dream numbers can vary depending on the specific dream and the person doing the interpreting. Some people may rely on traditional interpretations or associations with specific objects or events, while others may use personal associations or intuition to pick their numbers.

Where to play Fafi online in South Africa?

HomePlay casino is the best place to try one’s luck with Fafi dream numbers online. The platform is designed to suit the needs of SA bettors and offers a variety of games, including all the most popular casino games like slots, roulette, and blackjack, as well as Lucky Numbers lotteries. 

One of the newest options recently available at HomePlay is Fafi Dream Wheel. It is a digital interpretation of the famous street game with the same rules and features. As with the original game, the player is advised to pick their lucky numbers by analyzing and deciphering the content of their dreams. What is different, however, is how frequently the game takes place at HomePlay, which is nonstop.

Getting started with Fafi Dream Wheel on HomePlay is very easy:

  1. Players set up a new betting account on the platform.
  2. Once the registration is complete, the bettor can load funds into their gaming balance. The amount should be enough to cover at least one minimal Fafi bet.
  3. After carefully reading the Fafi rules at https://homeplay.casino/game/fafi/info/, players can start making real-money bets in this game. Alternatively, they can practice playing Fafi Dream Wheel in the demo mode for fun to make sure this betting option is suitable for them.

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